Do you find it difficult to gather your employees for the driver training you know they require? Does your employee's schedule make it unlikely for training time? Can it be scheduled so that it meets everyone's availability?

Why not try our on-line Driver Safety Training?

Our "On-Line Safe Driving Training" presented in partnership with DDCUSA Fleet is a highly-innovative interactive online training course that teaches your employees our safe driving skills and techniques.

Why use FleetWatch™Systems web-based Fleet Safety Training?

  • Convenient: accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Cost effective: eliminates costly meeting and other travel realted expenses.
  • Consistent: everyone gets the same lesson.
  • Self-paced: efficient use of employee time.
  • Involvement: interactivity keeps each student involved.
  • Easy to implement: no need for instructor preparation or class materials.
  • Monitored: Fleet Supervisors and Managers can track the Drivers course.
  • No software problems: 100% web based.
  • Full-motion video featuring well-known celebrities.
  • Audio to enhance learning.
  • Illustrative photos.

A few of the major subjects covered in this course include:

  • What are the key reasons for traffic collisions?
  • How to identify potential problems early.
  • What is the proper following distance and why?
  • How to more effectively isolate your vehicle in traffic.
  • How to avoid the rear-end collision.
  • Different ways to reduce the threat of the "other driver".
  • WHY?

Why do your Drivers Need this Course?

Consider these alarming statistics:

  • Employers can expect to pay $24,000 or more when an employee has a traffic accident involving injuries.
  • In just one year, U.S. companies spent some $9 billion for medical care resulting from auto crash injuries.
  • Employers spent another $9 billion on life insurance, disability payments, and sick leave for crash victims.
  • In total, U.S companies spent $230 billion last year on vehicle collisions.
  • In 2003, there were more than 11 million traffic accidents across the U.S., resulting in 2.9 million injuries and more than 40,000 deaths.

The high cost of unsafe driving practices is a significant concern for fleet operators. Employee driving safety courses can help to reduce the potential for injuries and lower the financial risk of on-the-job accidents. Driving safety courses can also decrease insurance premiums, Worker's Compensation rates, and administrative expenses.

The Driver Safety Course from Fleetwatch Systems & DDC USA Fleet covers defensive driving techniques, strategies for hazardous driving environments, and the effects of drugs and alcohol on driving safety. Drivers gain practical knowledge and skills that prepare them to respond effectively to unpredictable or dangerous situations.

What will our Driving Safety Course do for your Employees?

Fleetwatch Systems through it's alliance partner DDC USA FLEET has designed a course that:

  • Meets the training needs of drivers who operate noncommercial fleet vehicles.
  • Changes drivers' attitudes, thus saving lives and reducing the frequency and severity of collisions.
  • Provides maximum flexibility for employees to take the course on the Internet, anywhere and anytime.
  • Enables employees to take the course at their own pace- in one sitting or over an extended time period. Students may log in and log out as often as they wish.
  • Documents all student progress, including attendance and test scores, using a database that supervisors can access and report on.

Driving Safety Course Three Part Program

Many programs teach defensive driving techniques, but our Defensive Driving Series is the first program that ensures effective and ongoing implementation of that training. The comprehensive three part program;

    Cutting -edge defensive training incorporating a new way of talking about real driver behavior. Organized for earlier comprehension and customized for greater relevance.
    Give -and- take dialogue to help drivers translate knowledge into action. Motivates drivers to incorporate safety driver training into everyday behavior.
    Supervisors are the proven key to successful safety implementation. The Defensive Driving Series is the first training program that actively addresses supervisory personnel.

Driving Safety Course Modules

More than Drivers Training. Fleetwatch Systems Defensive Driver Training Series goes beyond standard training programs. the interactive, easy-to -use modules ensure driver participation and unique instruction for supervisors,

  • MODULE 1
    I Could See It Coming
    Teaches good driving practices, accidents factors and the seven strategies for defensive driving. (Available in three versions; Auto, Cargo Vans, and Step Vans)
  • MODULE 2
    Why we drive the way we do? It's All About Choices

    Opens a dialogue that allows drivers to discuss issues and problems, actively engaging them in the company safe driving program. Instills the pride of the professional driver in each program participant.
  • MODULE 3
    It's Good Business: A Supervisors Guide to Defensive Driving

    Promotes supervisory involvement as the key to changing employee safety behavior. Teaches effective training and successful coaching techniques for ride- along
Head your driving safety program in the right direction...

Driving Safety Course Sessions

The driver safety course is divided into 12 sessions and takes about 5 hours to complete. Students must pass a comprehensive final exam at the end of the course in order to receive a completion certificate.

Traffic Laws and Procedures Helps employees understand the what and the why of driving laws and procedures, and motivates them to voluntarily comply with laws.

Alcohol and Traffic Safety Explains how alcohol and drugs affect driving and highway safety, emphasizes the need for greater awareness of the risks of drinking and driving, and describes the psychological and physiological effects of alcohol.

Physical Forces that Affect Driver Control Helps employees understand physical forces that influence a driver's control and the performance of the vehicle, including speed, acceleration, deceleration, brake and accelerator control, traction, wet roads, and basic physics of driving.

Perceptual Skills Shows how the factors of perception-visibility, hearing, and feeling-affect driver performance. Also helps drivers develop skills in managing time, speed, and space; establishing and maintaining safe following distances; driving with added loads; and reacting safely.

Defensive Driving Strategies Demonstrates how employees can use the concepts of defensive driving to reduce the likelihood of crashes, injuries, death, and economic loss. Drivers learn how to be prepared during travel, handle hazards, use the IPDE strategy, and respond to other drivers on the highway.

Driving Emergencies Employees learn how to identify common driving emergencies and take the proper action. Emergencies covered include front-end, rear-end, and side collisions; off-road recovery and paths of least recovery; and mechanical malfunctions, such as tires, brakes, steering, power, lights, and skids.

Occupant Restraints and Protective Equipment Helps drivers understand the reasons for having and using vehicle occupant restraints and protective equipment, including legal requirements for using safety belts, air bags, child seats, headrests, and motorcycle helmets. Also covers the active and passive operational principles of safety restraints and how safety belts, air bags, and motorcycle helmets protect people in a collision.

Special Skills for Difficult Driving Situations Identifies special conditions that affect driver and vehicle performance, and provides techniques for safe driving on expressways, in cities, and during inclement weather.

Avoiding Parking Lot Collisions

Preventing Backing Collisions

Tracking and Progress Reporting

Using the Web-based management tool included with the course, fleet administrators can track driver training and monitor student progress. The tool allow administrators to set up both trainee and administrator accounts, track participation in the course, send out e-mail notifications, and request reports.

Our Online Driver & Fleet Safety Training Program provides absolute security. Our LMS database is used by the SEC, TSA and the Dept. of Homeland Security.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) U.S. Department of Labour

In 1970, the U.S. Congress established the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). As defined in its enabling legislation, OSHA's mission is to "Assure so far as possible every working man and woman in the Nation safe and healthful working conditions."

This mandate involves the application of a set of tools by OSHA (e.g., standards development, enforcement, compliance assistance) which enable employers to maintain safe and healthful workplaces.

The FleetWatch Systems- Blueprints™ for Safety brand of programs provide more than just safety training. Each program focuses on safety as a process and provides a "blueprint" that can be followed step-by-step to develop, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive safety or ergonomic program that will provide best safety practices and comply with OSHA standards.

Both experts and those with limited knowledge about safety issues benefit from the simple, yet comprehensive approach of Blueprints for Safety.

Compliance with OSHA requires:

  • Written programs
  • Monitoring
  • Employee training
  • Recordkeeping

Although the Blueprints for Safety was originally designed for U.S. employers, the general principles and practices addressed in each program are also relevant to the Canadian workplace and safety standards.

Fleetwatch Systems Blueprints for Safety makes compliance a simple step-by-step process.

You will learn on our training system the driving techniques taught to major Fortune 500 companies
and many others!

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