Employment Opportunities with Fleetwatch Systems Inc.
FleetWatch Systems is experiencing continued and rapid growth.
We have a need to fill certain positions on an ongoing basis.

We recognize and encourage diversity in the workplace and our companies are proud to be equal employment opportunity employers.

We adhere to a policy of making employment decisions without regard to race, color,religion,sex, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, age or disability. Your opportunity for employment with our companies depends solely on your qualifications.

  • FleetWatch™ Employment Opportunities
  • FleetWatch™ Employment Opportunities

New positions will be posted as they become available.

Customer Service Representativev

Customer Service Representativex

We are looking for customer-focused individuals to handle calls coming into our Safety Call center.

    Representative Requirements:
  • 3-5 Years customer service experience or education equivalent
  • Communication skills
  • Personal computing skills and experience, including Windows
  • Typing skills
  • Multi-task and problem solving skills
  • Experience working in a "team" environment
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent spelling/grammar skills
  • Dependability and reliability
  • Scheduling flexibility
Inside Sales Representativev

Inside Sales Representativex

If you have had previous success in telemarketing and would like to shift gears into a unique inside sales position with growth potential consider this position.
We are looking for motivated individuals to convert auto insurance claims into our program. We provide qualified leads and maintain a professional selling environment We are looking for customer-focused individuals to handle calls coming into our Safety Call center.

IT Technology Dept.v

IT Technology Dept.x

Requires a fully certified IT Technician to work as an assistant tech support at Head Office. Accredition by a recognized is institute is a requirement.
Please forward your resume by e-mail to: HRAdmin@1800howsmydriving.com

If you are interested in employment please contact us at HRAdmin@1800howsmydriving.com



Organization type:

Desired Service:
1-800Howsmydriving - driver reporting program
FleetMinder - GPS tracking
FleetSky - Off grid satellite GPS tracking
TempDefender - Coldchain tracking
FleetSentinel - Asset tracking and alarm system
SafeDriving - Online education and training
FleetAlert - MVR & license validation
Risk assessment consulting

First, Last Name:




Number of Vehicles:

Types of Vehicles:
Specialized Heavy (ie. Cement, Garbage etc.)
Mobile Assets (Ie. Towable generators)

Questions & Comments:


This Report is a:
Compliment   Complaint

Bumper Sticker ID:
Letter   Numbers

Vehicle Information:

License #:

Number of Occupants in the Vehicle:

Did the Driver Exhibit Road Rage?:
Yes   No

If "Yes", was it Verbal or Physical?:
Verbal   Physical   Both

Date (Format:03/28/02):

Time (Format: HH:MM):

Road/Street/Highway (Location):


Going Which Direction?:

Traffic Density:

Road Conditions:



Specific compliment/complaint:


Observer (Your) Information:

Name (First, Last):


Zip Code:


Do you mind being contacted by the parent/company that paid for this service? (Not the driver):
Yes   No