Q: What is 1-800 Hows My Driving.com?Q: What is 1-800 Hows My Driving.com?

A: 1800 Hows My Driving.com (FLEETWATCH® Systems) is the 'original' and most recognized brand name by it's familiar yellow decal "Hows My Driving". It is a risk management, safety enhancement program used by thousands of companies in the US and Canada to promote safety, reduce collision frequency, and other associated cost which may involve a potential lawsuit due to driver-related liability.

Q: Who is FLEETWATCH Systems?Q: Who is FLEETWATCH Systems?

A: Fleetwatch Systems is the innovator, pioneer, and the leader in the Driver and Fleet Monitoring programs in the nation. We are about safety, reducing accidents, minimizing the risk of injury to drivers and public, vehicle damage and other related cost by implementing a Driving Safety and Risk Management System.

Q: What you should expect from a our leading driver and fleet monitoring system? Q: What you should expect from a our leading driver and fleet monitoring system?

A: Safer more cautious drivers and fewer collisions is the ultimate goal for most. 1-800 HowsMy Driving.com can help you attain your goals. Our services and program includes a Safety Call Center which provides continuous round -the-clock, 365 days a year "live" in-house Customer Support Representatives to take motorist observation reports. We also provide a comprehensive fleet safety program with a direct and targeted driver education to improve driving habits and prevent accidents. Our System goes beyond other
1-800 monitoring services by integrating monitoring, reporting, training and intervention.

Q: Why use 1-800 Hows My Driving.com-Fleetwatch Systems? Q: Why use 1-800 Hows My Driving.com-Fleetwatch Systems?

A: 1800 Hows My Driving.com (FLEETWATCH® Systems) has successfully worked with a variety of clients for the past 22 years assisting them in reducing vehicle collision, frequency and cost. FLEETWATCH Systems is the original, and the first provider of Fleet Safety and Risk Management solutions for the industry.

Our Driver - Fleet Monitoring Program is currently utilised by Fortune 500 companies and organizations in both in the USA and Canada. Aside from the numerous corporations that have implemented our system, our monitoring programs are used by several in the goverment sector that includes state, city, municipalities and law enforcement agencies.

Q: We already take calls in-house, why would we want an outside source?Q: We already take calls in-house, why would we want an outside source?

A: Reliability, making sure that you are getting the calls you ought to receive. Without our system, you may never know if anyone has called or whether these calls have been directed to the right person or resulted in any action. By using FleetWatch's monitoring system, you can count on 24 hour a day service, seven days a week. The caller will never get a busy signal and all information will be documented by our Customer Service Representative in a standard professional manner, objectively from a third unbiased party.

Q: What happens when a motorist calls in?Q: What happens when a motorist calls in?

A: Motorist calls in 1-800 Hows My Driving toll free number to report an emergency, a complaint,or a complimentary observation, the callers and other pertinent observations are handled " live" by our multi-lingual Safety Operators, and digitally recorded and stored in our database. Vehicle Observation Reports are transmitted automatically by email or fax to the designated managers and supervisors at your company. Your managers and supervisors may then contact callers to get further details, if desired.

Q: Will this safety program reduce my insurance costs?Q: Will this safety program reduce my insurance costs?

A: The best way to reduce your insurance costs are to reduce accidents. Most clients see their accident rate decrease 15% the first year and up to 53% by the third year, allowing greater insurance discounts.

Note: Commercial insurance policies are usually "experience rated" by an underwriter. The fewer accidents you have, the lower your "experience modifier" and therefore, the lower your rates will be. A lower accident rate also makes you more attractive to other insurance companies. You may be able to "shop" your policy and save even more money.

Q: How does the 1-800 Hows My Driving program work? Q: How does the 1-800 Hows My Driving program work?

A: First, every participating organization will be supplied with our highly visible, durable,retro-reflective decals which are applied to all company vehicles. Then, through our inclusive 1-800 toll free number, motorist can contact our safety call center to encourage the driving public to phone in complaints, compliments, and/or faulty equipment.

The report can also be filed directly on-line (website) by simply clicking on 'Report an Observation.'

In either case, all calls and reports are monitored, recorded, reviewed,and verified by a Safety Manager to eliminate any false reports. Once the report is verified, notification of the incident is forwarded immediately to the client. Our Account Representative may also call your Safety Manager to follow-up and ensure they are in receipt of the Observation Report.

Monthly reports and incident reports are submitted to duly authorized company personnel.

Our program provides timely, factual information. about driver and vehicle performance to fleet safety managers and supervisors, allowing quick response to emergency situations, driver performance complaints, or reported observation.

Q: What kind of reporting will I receive?Q: What kind of reporting will I receive?

A: Your organization will receive three types of Vehicle Observation Reports :
1) Complaint Reports that comments on the driver performance and should be followed up by a counselling session with the driver.
2) Emegency Reports which may include eqipment failures.leaks of hazardous materials, collisons etc. These reports require immediate action and are transmitted by telephone directly to key management on 24-hour basis.
3) Complimentary Reports, which can be honoured with public commendation a way to increase driver morale.

Q: Who monitors and answers the 1-800 calls?Q: Who monitors and answers the 1-800 calls?

A: Our safety program acts as a risk management tool. FLEETWATCH Systems trained operators, along with our state of the art automated service provides the caller with step-by-step guidance, as to collect the information as accurately as possible.

Our Customer Support Representatives answers these calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our Operators are highly trained in handling emergencies,compliments or complaints. Our CSR's are professional and courteous when attaining the specifics for each report. Detailed reports are then forwarded immediately to our Safety Specialist to investigate and verify the report.

Q: Will your drivers support the program?Q: Will your drivers support the program?

A: Yes, when properly implemented. FleetWatch Systems 1800HowsMyDriving.com is used to identify problem driving trends before they become serious incidents. This program is designed to educate and retain drivers before accidents occur and before a driver has to be terminated due to accident rate, citations, or bad driving behavior in general. Also, you can reward your drivers for safe driving. This program will encourage management and drivers to work together as partners in safety.

Note: Your task as the Fleet Safety Manager, holds the vital key to how your drivers accept the program. They look to you for leadership and direction. Your positive presentation of the Fleetwatch Systems Driver Program will ensure it's successful acceptance and implementation. Show your drivers and help them understand that FleetWatch is not a program designed to jeopardize their jobs- on the contrary, it means, saving jobs, ensuring job stability and most importantly ...saving lives.

Q: Will the program enhance your company image?Q: Will the program enhance your company image?

A: Yes, your decal will advertise to the public that, you care not only for your driver's safety, but, that of the general public as well. It will without a doubt, indicate how much you value their opinion. And by doing so,
it will show that your organization is safety-cultured.

Q: Who uses the FLEETWATCH Systems Driver Monitoring Program?Q: Who uses the FLEETWATCH Systems Driver Monitoring Program?

A: Safety oriented companies with thousands of vehicles in the United States and Canada. Currently, well over 650,000 trucks utilize such a driver-monitoring program like ours. We provide coverage in all 50 States and in Canada. Our clients include trucking companies, state and municipal vehicles, law enforcement agencies, delivery services, utilities and waste management companies.

Q: Why do thousands of fleets use FLEETWATCH Systems to monitor their driving habits? Q: Why do thousands of fleets use FLEETWATCH Systems to monitor their driving habits?

A: Organizations like yours are liable for negligent entrustment when they ask an employee to drive without exercising reasonably prudent care. Negligence claims are costly and an annual driver record review is no longer adequate. Ongoing driver record monitoring ensures that you have only qualified drivers behind the wheel of company vehicles. FleetWatch Systems driver monitoring minimizes company liability, reduces accidents, property loss, and workers' compensation claims — while improving company safety.

Q: What do I get out of this program?Q: What do I get out of this program?

A: Your company will be saving lives, retaining employees, saving money, plus your organization's image and reputation will be enhanced by showing that you CARE about road safety.

Q: What makes Fleetwatch Systems different from other driver monitoring companies?Q: What makes Fleetwatch Systems different from other driver monitoring companies?

A: As the industry leading Driver and Fleet Monitoring Risk Management Program purveyor both in the USA and Canada, our system has proven it's worth by saving thousands of dollars for our customers. We are also very proud of our individualized service with a client focus. Every client is assigned an account representative to manage their account. Moreover, we are very flexible in how we set up and serve your organization. We can facilitate reports to be submitted by districts, regions or divisions with incident reports and monthly reports being sent to their respective locations.

Further, we are committed to assisting our clients reduce their accident rate and liability exposure by continually developing innovative risk management solutions.

Q: Why do we need 1-800 Hows My Driving.com?Q: Why do we need 1-800 Hows My Driving.com?

A: Any commercial vehicle with a company name is a prime target for a potential lawsuit. FleetWatch Systems 1-800-Hows My Driving participating companies are less likely to be involved in costly accidents than their non-participating counterparts, and this participation demonstrates they have done all they can to prevent accidents.

Q: Is your Monitoring program specifically aimed for the trucking industry?Q: Is your Monitoring program specifically aimed for the trucking industry?

A: Absolutely not, although many of our participating members are from the trucking industry, others are from other sectors including food and medical transport, auto parts delivery, service, utility, waste management, etc. Because of our commitment to the highest level of professional service, we have also attained several law enforcement agencies, state, city, and municipalities, that participate in FleetWatch Systems 1800 Hows My Driving exclusive and leading Driver Monitoring Program.

Q: Do you submit these reports to the Police and/or Insurance Companies?Q: Do you submit these reports to the Police and/or Insurance Companies?

A: No, we do not. These reports are only submitted and forwarded to the designated -authorized Manager,
named upon enrollment and registration. No one else has access to his report and no one has access to our secure server data base. Our program is to provide you with current driving information, so that you have the opportunity to correct any dangerous driving habits before an accident occurs.

Q: Is your program recognized by any regional state or national transportation authority?Q: Is your program recognized by any regional state or national transportation authority?

A: Our driver monitoring program is duly recognized as the 'leader in driver and fleet monitoring program' in the industry by the *NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association).

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Why use FleetWatch™Systems web-based Fleet Safety Training?

  • Convenient: accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Cost effective: eliminates costly meeting and other travel realted expenses.
  • Consistent: everyone gets the same lesson.
  • Self-paced: efficient use of employee time.
  • Involvement: interactivity keeps each student involved.
  • Easy to implement: no need for instructor preparation or class materials.
  • Monitored: Fleet Supervisors and Managers can track the Drivers course.
  • No software problems: 100% web based.
  • Full-motion video featuring well-known celebrities.
  • Audio to enhance learning.
  • Illustrative photos.
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