As the industry-leading Driver & Fleet Monitoring company, our prime goal is dedicated to providing you with the most up-to date comprehensive, state of the art system for safety, and security available in the market today.

FleetMinder™ GPS is a powerful GSM based GPS tracking and monitoring system with robust features that provides real-time monitoring along with other vital vehicle information to fleet managers. Our web-based interface is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and provides a comprehensive suite of standard reports designed to help businesses better manage their fleet operations.

FleetWatch Systems has teamed up with the global innovator in GPS technology to bring you the most robust system for the lowest cost. With FleetMinder™ GPS there are no upfront equipment costs or long term contract requirements.

 Our latest GPS technology tracking program will truly provide an innovative, comprehensive, monitoring and accurate reporting system.

FleetMinder is integrated with Google Earth mapping systems - allowing standard map or enhance satelite image overlays to accurately pin-point your vehicle's location.

FleetMinder™ GPS Telematics takes standard GPS to the next level offering fleet managers information on fuel consumption, engine health, speed and acceleration, harsh braking, and much more.

For clients operating in remote locations anywhere in the world we offer our flagship tracking product FleetSky™ satellite based GPS.

*GSM cellular network activation fee and 3 months prepayment applies. Installation extra

  • FleetMinder™ GPS Tracking
  • FleetMinder™ TempDefender
FleetMinder GPS Tracking


  • Excessive Idle Detection
  • Ignition On/Off Reporting
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Speed Monitoring
  • Landmark Reporting
  • Fleet Status View
  • Travel History Playback
  • State Mileage Reporting
  • After Hours Vehicle Reporting
  • Drive Fatigue Alert
  • Alerts Dashboard
  • Cost Analysis
  • Google Maps with Street View
  • Web-Based User-Friendly Interface


  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Increase Fleet Security/Theft Protection
  • Increase Productivity
  • Accurate Invoicing/Billing
  • Improve Driver Safety
  • Reduce Labor Costs/Overtime
  • Extend the Life of Your Fleet
  • Improve Business Response Time
  • Eliminate After-Hour Use
  • Lower Insurance Premiums

FleetMinder™ GPS

Cold Chain Tracking Solutions

Monitor Critical Temperature Data with Real-Time GPS Tracking Technology.

The FleetMinder TempDefender system provides real-time monitoring of refrigerated temperature data and continuous GPS tracking on the movement and activity of your fleet.

The FleetMinder TempDefender system was specifically designed and developed for the Refrigerated Transport Fleet and offers a large suite of temperature reporting, monitoring and alerting tools. Temperature alert notifications are generated when the container temperature exceeds specified high and low set points determined by the end user. Additional alerts include notification if the device is disconnected from its power source (requires optional back-up battery), and whether the reefer temperature controller is turned on or off.

The Fleetminder TempDefender system also provides fleet tracking data in real-time, such as current location and indicates whether the vehicle is stationary or moving. In addition, speed, stop, and geofence alerts are available, as well as numerous fleet activity reports.


  • On-demand locating
  • Real-time temperature data
  • High set temperature alerts
  • Low set temperature alerts
  • Active monitoring - 24/7/365
  • Power loss alert
  • Bread-crumb trail
  • Alert management
  • Automated geo-fence technology
  • Maintenance notifications
  • Unauthorized movement notification
  • Industrial water resistant enclosure
  • Back-up battery (optional)


  • Fast and accurate critical temperature data
  • Real-time logistical monitoring and tracking (location, speed, direction, ETA, and more)
  • Reduced shrinkage and spoilage problems
  • Lowered cost of product waste
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved driver awareness


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1-800Howsmydriving - driver reporting program
FleetMinder - GPS tracking
FleetSky - Off grid satellite GPS tracking
TempDefender - Coldchain tracking
FleetSentinel - Asset tracking and alarm system
SafeDriving - Online education and training
FleetAlert - MVR & license validation
Risk assessment consulting

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